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Rock Drumming System

The Rock Drumming System is the ultimate training pack for any drummer that is serious about playing rock! It features over 600 beginner to advanced beats, fills, and patterns all demonstrated at two tempos with four camera angles. In fact, there is so much content that the package includes four DVDs, four detailed workbooks, and a play-along audio CD!

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Drum Rudiment System

The Drum Rudiment System goes through all the drum rudiments and shows you exactly how to incorporate them into your everyday playing. This system has been in development for over a year now, and features six jam-packed DVDs, three PDF workbooks, and special bonus content that you will not find anywhere else!

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Drum Play Along System

The Drum Play-Along System is a one of a kind complete training pack. It features 6 bands, Sterr, Sonus, Hasting, Cowboys and Indians, a Jazz Specialty band and a Latin Specialty band. It includes 50 tracks with and without drums so you can hear what the drummer plays then use your creativity to come up with your own parts!

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Jazz Drumming System

The Jazz Drumming System is a unique training solution for drummers that want to learn the art of Jazz music. It includes over seven hours of video training on three DVDs, with a detailed workbook, and a play-along audio CD! This training system is perfect for drummers that would like to improve limb-independence, develop amazing musical groove, and get better gigs!

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Latin Drumming System

The Latin Drumming System teaches all the popular forms of Latin music, including: Bossa Nova, Baiao, Cha Cha, Ballroom Rumba, Tumbao, Mambo, Merengue, Mozambique, Soca (Soul-Calypso), Tango, 6/8 Afro Cuban, and more! This training system is perfect for drummers that want to improve limb-independence, develop amazing musical groove, and get better gigs!

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Moeller Method Secrets

The Moeller Method Secrets dual-DVD training pack teaches the advanced Moeller Technique and several vital related techniques that can drastically improve your speed, power, control, endurance, and dynamics. This 2.5 hour video training pack is simply the most complete hand technique training system available! An absolute must-have for any serious drumming enthusiast.

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Bass Drum Secrets

The Bass Drum Secrets training system is truly revolutionary. It teaches advanced bass drum pedal techniques for single and double bass drummers to improve speed, power, and control. Includes detailed sheet music and over 70 minutes of video content + bonus material from the original BDS training pack.

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Drum Tuning System

The Drum Tuning System was created to be the ultimate "how-to guide" for drummers that want to master the art of drum set tuning. Therefore, we spent countless hours compiling information to put together a comprehensive course that simply covers every single aspect of drum tuning.

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