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Yamaha DrumsHowToDrum.com is proud to be able to offer these great drum lessons all at no expense to you. Use these videos and articles to hone your skills to able to play any style of music at any time. Your drumming skils are going to multiply as you work your way through these lessons and master each one as you go.

Take some time to browse through the various sections below. Figure out exactly where you should be starting and stick with it. You need to be able to evaluate your skill level so you can begin learning how to drum at the appropriate level.

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Drum Articles

Here are a few articles that will run you through some of the basics of drumming. These are aimed more at beginner drummers looking to just get started with the drums but that's not to say that there isn't some great information for advanced drummers as well. Go through some of these informative articles and begin learning what you'll need to know to master the art of drumming!